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Fluxactive Review 2023 : The Ideal Dietary Supplement To Protect Your Prostate


Hey, did you know that most adults, after they cross 65 tend to suffer from prostate enlargement or other issues? Yes, you read that right, and a very small percentage of men get to live without this trouble!

But did you know that the prostate plays an essential part in the sexual life of men? So if you want to maintain a healthy sex life having a healthy prostate is of utmost importance.

Fluxactive is a dietary supplement that helps maintain the healthy functioning of your prostate gland. According to various research, it has been seen that the supplement even can reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer or enlargement of the prostate. The latter is a medical term for the earlier-mentioned condition, known as prostate enlargement in layman’s language.

The prostate, even though it is not talked about much like that of the testicles, is a vital gland of the human male. The gland plays a crucial role in the fertility of a man. Unlike other glands or organs, the body size of the prostate gradually increases as one ages. Sometimes due to hormonal, the growth may be significantly larger, which can hamper the functioning of other organs.

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What Is The Importance Of The Prostate Gland?

The prostate is like the ovaries of a woman in terms of exclusivity. By this term, we mean that this gland is only present in biological males, and they are a part of the reproductive system.

But what is so significant about its function?

The prostate gland produces some fluids that constitute a significant portion of the seminal fluid. A proper concentration of the seminal fluid is important for successfully transmitting sperm. The other glands, like the bulbourethral glands and others, are also responsible for producing this semen.

However, one must note that healthy semen has the right concentration. Too much or too less fluidity will not help in proper sperm transmission. A healthy semen consists of special enzymes and hormones that allow the sperm to thrive and ensure successful fertilization.

A healthy prostate not only ensures a happy sex life but also protects the individual from cancer. Since cancer in the prostate is one of the most common types of cancer among males, it is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What prostate issues can one suffer from?

There are multiple issues that one suffers from, especially older men. Therefore, to maintain a healthy body, one must learn about the problems one might suffer if one fails to abide by a healthy lifestyle.

Prostate Enlargement

There is nothing abnormal for the prostate to grow in size as a human male ages. But about 50% of men suffer from hyperplasia, where the size of the prostate increases significantly, hampers other organs’ functioning. In some cases, prostate enlargement can cause:

  • Difficulty in urination, which includes facing problems like getting started or getting a steady flow
  • The urge to urinate very often
  • Having a disturbed sleep pattern due to frequent toilet visits
  • Feeling a burning sensation or excruciating pain while peeing
  • Even making the ejaculation process painful

If you face any of these issues, especially once you are past 50, get in touch with a professional and get it checked.

In some cases, an enlarged prostate can be cured by bringing some lifestyle changes; in others, one might need to undergo a microsurgical procedure.


People often confuse Prostatitis with that an enlarged prostate. But the fundamental difference between the two is that Prostatitis results from inflammation of the gland, whereas the latter is when the entire or a part of the gland grows in size.

Although most of the symptoms are similar to that of benign prostatic hyperplasia, some of the other symptoms of Prostatitis include:

  • Significant pain after ejaculation or after urination
  • Blood visible in your urine
  • A constant lower back pain
  • A weird heavy feeling being the scrotal sac
  • Difficulties in peeing often result in a condition where the individual is unable to pee even though they have the urge

There can be various types of Prostatitis. One of the types is known as bacterial Prostatitis, where the gland swells up due to a bacterial infection. This can often be cured by treating it with proper antibiotics after being diagnosed by a registered medical practitioner.

Although there are some other categories of Prostatitis, doctors and researchers are still unsure about the cause. Some of them are hypothesized to be caused by injury, nerve damage, or even severe stress.

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Prostate Cancer 

This is one of the fatal conditions of an unhealthy prostate. Therefore, to prevent cancer, one must stick to a healthy lifestyle and take regular dietary supplements like Fluxactive.

Just like the size of your prostate increases as you age, the chances of getting prostate cancer also increase as you grow older.

According to a few research, it has been seen that the chance of getting prostate cancer after they are above 70 or 75 years of age is one individual in every seven men. And as one approaches 85, the percentage increase to 1 in every five men.

Although no one can pinpoint the causes of cancer in an individual, some of the factors include:

  • Past history of cancer in the family: In hundreds of cases, it has been seen that if one has a sibling or father or even grandfather suffering from cancer, the chances of them getting prostate cancer is relatively high.
  • Genetic mutation: Some families have a genetic mutation in two specific genes – the BRCA1 and BRCA2- passed down through generations. Males of these families often suffer from prostate cancer due to this reason.
  • Lynch syndrome: It is a medical condition passed down through generations, and individuals suffering from this often get colon or prostate cancer before age 50.

There are lots of symptoms of prostate cancer. Still, some of them are similar to that prostate hyperplasia or Prostatitis, so you must talk to a professional doctor before coming to any conclusions. However, suppose you have any such family history or suffer from any of these conditions, as mentioned above. In that case, getting a regular health check-up and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while adding essential dietary supplements like Fluxactive.

What is Fluxactive?


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By now, you have enough idea about the importance of the prostate gland and the problems that may arise due to an unhealthy prostate. So now, let’s take a look at how we can maintain a healthy body.

Fluxactive has recently been causing a lot of buzz in the market. It is because of the unique composition of this excellent dietary supplement and its unique benefits.

It is a complete solution that single-handedly takes care of the male reproductive system using only natural ingredients. Yes, the composition of Fluxactive is 100% natural. It consists of herbs and herbal extracts that have been used for ages in various traditional medicines in India and other Southeast Asian countries.

The supplement is designed to specifically address the problems of the prostate and ensures that it reduces the chances of developing prostate cancer.

The interesting blend of Fluxactive consists of saw palmetto, Gingko Biloba, Chinese Ginseng, vitamin E, and lots of other ingredients. All of them are naturally obtained and carefully harvested to ensure that the product consumers get is free from all kinds of chemicals, toxins, and other additives.

Although hundreds of other options are available in the market, the reason for the popularity of Fluxactive is the quality of the products. People tend to see the expected results within a brief span of time, ensuring it is a genuine product.

Fluxactive also helps reduce the inflammations often caused by severe oxidative stress.

The 14 ingredients that are present in Fluxactive also supplies with lots of essential nutrients. These nutrients are responsible for preventing common aging problems like hair loss and pattern baldness. In addition, the supplement also supports boosting muscle growth even in older individuals and maintains healthy cholesterol levels.

Since the ingredients are all naturally obtained, the body is not under any stress to obtain the desired results. The metabolism is boosted, and one can see and feel the changes in their body shortly after starting the supplement.

This dietary supplement is free from all kinds of chemicals, fillers, additives, GMOs, gluten, dairy, and every artificial substance. Moreover, the manufacturers have ensured the product they are supplying to the consumers can be used by everyone, whether one is vegan, one is vegetarian, or follows a different type of diet.

How does the Fluxactive Work In your Body?

Before you start consuming any supplement, it is essential that you learn how it works on your metabolism.

The formula has been shown to improve prostate health significantly. All the ingredients work in a way that helps promote a healthy prostate and ensures that the body is supplied with all the necessary ingredients. A healthy dose of all these ingredients helps improve the body’s overall mechanism.

Even though the ability to have successful long-term sexual intercourse decreases with age, it is significantly reduced when one starts taking Fluxactive. This is because the supplement helps in supporting the normal functioning of the prostate, the bladder, and the entire male reproductive system. The supplement also increases the blood flow to the male reproductive organs, thus helping in an improved sex life which is often a problem among older men.

Fluxactive also helps in reducing the chances of developing Prostatitis or hyperplasia. This ensures you have a healthy prostate, and the entire reproductive system can function optimally, even in older men.

As dietary supplements consist of ingredients that improve the hormone production in the body, it helps in relieving the body of stress, and the overall immunity of the body is improved. In addition, it has also shown notable results where the supplement increased the white blood cells in the body.

Besides this, Fluxactive has shown remarkable results in improving the skin, boosting energy levels, and reducing hair loss risks among individuals.

Is there Scientific Evidence that backs Fluxactive?

The unique dietary supplement comprises only natural substances that help support a healthy reproductive system. The manufacturers have spent days creating this unique formula that caters to all your needs. All the components used in Fluxactive are scientifically tested in various labs and proven for all the benefits that the product claims to have.

From scientific studies to clinical trials, the manufacturers have ensured every possible test is conducted so that the product they are launching in the market is safe for consumption.

A study conducted on Gingko Biloba in 2015 found that the extract made from this plant has unique properties. It helped in improving sperm quality and testosterone levels in an individual. It also helps increase blood circulation levels, which ensures that the reproductive organs remain healthy.

In 2013 a group of scientists conducted a study on a herb used in the supplement known as Chinese Ginseng. According to this research, it was found that this component has the ability to reduce oxidative stress and reduce the chances of getting benign prostatic hyperplasia or even prostate cancer.

A study on saw palmetto in 2006 confirmed its effects on prostate enlargement. In addition, it was seen that it contains certain elements which can reduce inflammation, support prostate health, and ensure one has a healthy prostate gland.

Apart from these, there are tens of studies that have shown that this unique combination of ingredients helps improve the energy levels in men, and they can remain physically active all day long, even when they might age above 50.

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The Unique Ingredient List of Fluxactive



The components of Fluxactive are the reason for the popularity of the product. The entire list of ingredients includes the following:

  • Catuba

This plant extract has been tested on non-human models and has been shown to increase the testosterone level by up to 50%. According to some other studies, it has been seen that Catuba also plays a significant part in getting rid of erectile dysfunction, a common problem often observed among older men. Since Catuba increases the blood flow, the problem of erectile dysfunction is significantly reduced.

Apart from these mechanisms, Catuba is also known for increasing nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscles of the cell walls present in the blood vessels. This ensures that more blood can flow through them. Since the blood flow is increased in the overall body, the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues also increases several folds resulting in firmer muscles.

  • Damiana

This is a unique ingredient that the makers of Fluxactive have used in their products. The primary purpose of this herb is to get rid of impotence. The most promising part about this herb is that it can increase the mental and physical health of an individual who lacks libido. Since Damiana is responsible for regulating the hormone production in the body, it helps increase testosterone levels, reducing the issues of importance.

Apart from increasing the testosterone levels in the body, this herbal extract is also known to enhance energy levels and improve the individual’s overall mood.

We have already mentioned the various studies that were conducted on Chinese Ginseng to verify the results. As a result, two types of Ginseng are primarily available in the market. One is known as Asian Ginseng, while the other one is known as American Ginseng. Chinese Ginseng belongs to the former group.

Both of these contain a specific compound known as saponins, which is the reason for the herb’s medicinal benefits.

Although saponins do not have any direct aphrodisiac effects, they are the primary active ingredients of Ginseng. The compound helps in improving mood and helps in relaxing the brain and the body.

  • Saw palmetto

This is a palm tree that you can easily find along the coasts of North America. This supplement does not use the entire tree, but berries are the primary ingredient. We mention the use of berries in this Fluxactive Review because it has shown promising results in relieving symptoms of prostate enlargement.

Even though there are many other options available in the market, the berries of Saw Palmetto hold a significant position in curing prostate enlargement.

The active ingredient found in the berries of saw palmetto includes a particular fatty acid known as phytosterols. These substances have been seen to reduce inflammations pretty easily and inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. Thus it not only treats prostate enlargement but also protects from prostate cancer.

  • Muira Puama

Even though it is the name of the plant, the bark of Muira Puama is the ingredient of Fluxactive. You will find its mention in most Fluxactive Reviews because of its significant effects.

The primary use of the bark is to reduce urinary tract infections. In addition, the bark contains a lot of tannins that aid in strengthening the walls of your bladder and even your urethra. Tannis also works as an excellent antioxidant and helps the body remove toxins.

Muira Puama also works by increasing nitric oxide production in the body. It is an essential chemical compound that plays a vital role in the blood circulation process.

One of the primary causes of male infertility is prostate dysfunction. When the prostate does not function correctly, the sperm count decreases, semen quality drops, and even intercourse becomes painful. Overall, the entire sexual life of the individual is interrupted.

Tribulus is a plant that is commonly found in India and neighboring countries. It contains a compound known as protodioscin, which increases the luteinizing hormones and the follicle-stimulating hormone. Such hormones are responsible for average sperm production multiple times.

Another compound is found in Tribulus, which is known as zerumbone. This compound is used in the formula, and you will find its mention in various Fluxactive Reviews because of its unique ability to reduce the size of prostate tumors.


Pros and Cons of Fluxactive

When you are reading a Fluxactive review, it is important to note that you get an unbiased view. Here we share the various benefits and drawbacks of the dietary supplement, which you must know before buying.

The Pros:

  • It helps in the enhancement of overall prostate health. Since the supplement can reduce the chances of prostate cancer, Prostatitis, and prostate enlargement, it helps improve overall male reproductive health.
  • The blood flow to the tissues and the reproductive organisms is significantly increased, which helps eliminate one of the most male infertility problems, erectile dysfunction.
  • Fluxactive helps in increasing the energy and stamina of the individual significantly. One must take the pills as per the recommended dosage, and you shall see the results shortly.

The Cons:

  • One might experience a temporary stomach upset due to the presence of so many herbal extracts.
  • Since some of the ingredients are still under research, you must consult your doctor if you are under any regular prescription drug.


In this Fluxactive Review, we also share the dosage as recommended by the dietary supplement makers.

According to the manufacturers, one must consume two Fluxactive pills after breakfast and shall continue for a month to see the best results.

Once you start seeing the effects, you can discontinue the usage, but it is recommended to take at least two months for optimum results.



How long can it take to see the results?

As per the various Fluxactive reviews by customers and manufacturers, one must take two pills every day after breakfast and continue it for two months for the best results.

Can Fluxactive eliminate the chances of getting prostate cancer?

We cannot say that it can eliminate, but it does reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer to a large extent.

Does Fluxactive contain only organic ingredients?

Yes, all 14 compounds used in Fluxactive are obtained from plants; hence, it is a 100% natural product.


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Final Words

Fluxactive is one of the best dietary supplements if you are looking to improve your prostate health. Even though there are tens of options available in the market, the hundreds of Fluxactive Reviews speak for themselves.

If you are a male above the age of 50, Fluxactive is a fantastic supplement to add to your daily routine. However, you do not need to continue this forever. A two-month course is enough to get you the optimum results.




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