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Best Exercises To Boost Testosterone In 2023?

Best Exercises To Boost Testosterone

There is of course some substance in saying that testosterone levels are possible to be boosted by some exercises. Though there are many other factors that have a direct effect on boosting testosterone levels. Biological sex can be one of the important factors.

As we have just said, some exercises can boost testosterone levels which implies that not all exercises are equal in the field of increasing your testosterone levels. In the later chapters, we will discuss the exercises that may boost your T-Levels and about a few other activities that you add to your exercises for boosting T-levels.

Testosterone in men and women

Though the general perception of the testosterone hormone is that it is a male hormone, the scientific truth is that both males and females contain testosterone. But it is found in males at much higher levels compared to females. This increased amount of testosterone in males contributes to male attributes such as:

  1. Growth of big muscles
  2. More hairs on the body as well as on the face
  3. Bass voice
  4. Growth of the male sexual organs for reproduction
  5. Strength, drive, endurance

Excepting the above testosterone is also important for everyone, particularly for the elderly for general wellness and for reducing the risk of the following:

  1. Muscle waste
  2. Overweight and obesity
  3. Diabetes
  4. Heart issues
  5. Growth of breast tissues

Exercises and testosterone

The best way to say something concrete about the links between exercise and testosterone levels is to refer to various studies that have been conducted in this field.

  1. In a study that was conducted taking both men and women to find the effect of weight lifting, it was observed that while the men showed a significant increase in the testosterone levels, the effect on the women was negligible.
  2. Another study that was conducted only taking the women showed that when they stick to resistance training there occurred some amounts of increase in their levels of testosterone. 
  3. The next study that I would refer to involved older men. They were subjected to regular physical activities. The results were an increased testosterone level as well as an increase in growth hormone. Physical activities also enhanced their brain functioning.
  4. Another study that was done for a prolonged period of time of almost a year took 102 men only. These men were not in the habit of doing regular exercises before. They were subjected to regular exercise to find that the levels of their DHT (dihydrotestosterone) increased considerably, by 14.5% to be precise.
  5. In yet another study it was found that the T-Levels of the men who were on regular exercises were more than the sedentary men.
  6. A study was also carried out by taking obese men and subjecting them to exercises. More than losing their weight they gained their testosterone levels more.


So the conclusion that can be drawn from all the above studies is that some exercises like resistance training and interval training of high intensity can raise the testosterone levels.

Some exercises that boost testosterone levels

As we have already discussed above, not all exercises are capable of boosting testosterone levels. Below we give the particular exercises that will increase your T-Levels.

Resistance training

Many experts have carried out research to find the effect of resistance training on the levels of testosterone. Resistance training is also known as weight lifting exercises and strength exercises. 

But all resistance training may not be able to raise T-Levels. Some raise T-Levels for the short-term and the others are good for long-term increase of testosterone levels. The best resistance exercises for increasing testosterone levels are those that involve large muscles and that too at fast intervals. 

To be more clear, biceps are small muscles and hence bicep curls may not raise testosterone much. The best resistance training for boosting testosterone is weight lifting or squats because it involves groups of larger muscles. Hence in addition to building your muscles, heavy weight lifting can also increase your testosterone levels.

High-intensity interval training or HIIT

HIIT is best suited for older people who often face low levels of testosterone. HIIT is a combination of training that involves a period of short bursts of strenuous exercise and cardio followed by a short time of rest or involving less-intensity exercises.

Studies conducted taking older groups of people showed that their T-Levels increased slightly after HIIT and endurance exercises. But resistance training did not yield any boost in their T-levels. So, HIIT can boost testosterone levels in the short term.

Endurance training

Further studies have confirmed that doing aerobic exercises of high intensity for a prolonged period of time can boost the levels of testosterone. But it also enhances the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol which again tends to lower the T-Levels. Again the weight loss which is achieved through endurance exercise helps in increasing the levels of testosterone. So this type of training may help people with overweight and obesity to lower their body weight as well as boost their testosterone levels. 

Normal levels of testosterone

Men        300 to 1000 ng/dl

Women     15 to 70 ng/dl

Natural ways to boost testosterone

  1. Healthy weight: more the fat-content less the T-Level
  2. A diet rich in veg, proteins, and healthy fats: fewer dairy, sugary food, and starches
  3. Have eight hours of sound sleep
  4. Stress increases the cortisol hormone which lowers testosterone. So stay free from stress.
  5. Avoid unnecessary medication and substance abuse.
  6. Take care to take all the n nutrients necessary for the efficient functioning of the body such as vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, etc.


The takeout of today’s discussion is that testosterone is important for both men and women. And it is possible to increase the levels of testosterone by doing resistance training, high-intensity interval training, and endurance training. 

High-intensity interval training is best for older people with low levels of testosterone. Another advantage of exercise is weight loss which again helps in raising your T-levels.

People suffering from low levels of testosterone can also take testosterone-boosting supplements after ascertaining their quality and effectiveness.


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