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Do Cold Showers Increase Testosterone In Men?

cold showers

The topic itself is a debate among the researchers. Testosterone is a very important hormone for the development of male sex organs and other sexual behaviors as well as for the building up of muscle mass and bone density.

 Deficiency of testosterone is a common factor of infertility among men in recent years. But taking the fact into consideration, it does not make any sense for cold water to trigger testosterone levels. Because we all know that most of the testosterone is created in the scrotum, which hangs between the two legs to ensure optimal temperature for sperm production. The ideal temperature for the scrotum to produce sperm and other hormones is 35 to 37 degree Celsius. 

It has been seen through research that, the testicle shrinks, as well as a fall in sperm production and testosterone level, when exposed to heat. But also the research says a little about testosterone production when scrotum temperature is kept at a cooler level. Rather cooler testicles have stronger effects on DNA structural process, which results in higher sperm volume, quality, and movement.

Facts and Study

In the year 2013, a study even revealed that cold temperature in winter improves sperm health and movement. But healthy sperm count or movement and testosterone levels are not the same 

In 1991 a study found that cold water had no effect on levels of testosterone. Rather in  2007, a study suggested that brief exposure to cold temperatures actually decreases testosterone levels in the scrotum.

On the other hand, a paper posted in the Journal of endocrinological investigation suggested  that men who took cold Showers for a certain time every day for two weeks can have a  remarkable increase in testosterone levels. The researchers who were performing the study commented that the cold water may have increased the production of testosterone by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system of the body. But nothing of confirmation rather than probability. 

Another research from the Association of international sports medicine said that cold exposure of any kind, whether through a bath or a shower increases testosterone levels in male athletes after their practice session. The researchers stated that the cold water might have helped in the reduction of inflammation, which in turn would promote recovery in natural way and lead to higher testosterone levels.

An elaborative inference can be drawn from the above-stated fact that cold water definitely has an effect on overall body rejuvenation. But no clear inference can be drawn about the rise of testosterone levels.

Thoughts in Ayurveda

In India the most revered book about health is Ayurveda. Many books have been written in this stream. The most famous is Charak Samhita, by renowned Rajvaidya Charak of ancient India. Where a cold water bath is very much praised according to one’s physical type. And it is clearly stated there that taking a cold bath in the morning may have an increase in Men’s libido  among other benefits. But no mention of testosterone level. 

As ayurveda was ignorant about the hormone. Even in the famous book of Kamasutra by Vatsyayana, it is prescribed for a man to have a cold shower before mating with any woman as the freshness and cool body temperature will increase the duration of sex. Vatsayana even proposed the exact season of marriage to be at the end of fall to winter for greater fertility.


 Keeping all this in mind, we can easily come to the conclusion that cold showers definitely have an effect on our bodies and mind. But it has no clear effect on testosterone levels. However the do or do not debate will continue, until any solid proof comes forth.

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