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Best Probiotics For Men : Benefits, Uses And More

Best Probiotics For Men

It is true that our guts contain millions of bacteria colonies. Some of these bacteria are friendly to the body and some are inimical. When the balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria gets disturbed we suffer from stomach issues.

Is it possible for the external friendly bacteria to reach the intestines after crossing the hazardous path passing the stomach? There are many such supplements containing  probiotics that claim to benefit the men by enriching the colonies of friendly bacteria.

We are giving you three such top ranking supplements containing probiotics

  1. Yourbiology
  2. Biotics 8
  3. Elm & rye probiotics


This is a renowned supplement that can hold the friendly bacteria of the guts. This enables complete digestion of the foods that we ingest and continuous cleaning of the guts. The supplement has been so formulated as to increase the health of the guts and also your immune system.

By regular cleaning of the waste products from the guts it helps in protecting the intestinal lining.

Advantages of taking Yourbiology

  1. The supplement contains a scientific blend of probiotics and prebiotics that improves gut health. Some ingredients of the supplement such as lactobacillus are good for even urinary tract infection which affects mostly the women.
  2. A poor health of the guts is associated with many health problems such as gas, bloating, constipation etc. The supplement supplies the good microorganism that helps in replenishing the gut bacteria colonies. By tilting the balance to the number of good bacteria the supplement helps in proper digestion of foods eliminating all the symptoms.
  3. The probiotics and the prebiotics also fight with the bad bacteria when you start feeling better. In this way the supplement Yourbiology prevents weight gain, low levels of immunity and inflammation.

What is the time taken by Yourbiology to show the results

As this is a natural remedy the results may need some time to show. The time is required for the good bacteria to adjust to the newer ones. But you will feel the difference after two months of taking the supplement regularly.

It is possible to make the results faster by adopting some natural means to improve gut health. Such measures can be eating a diet rich in fiber, drinking sufficient amounts of water, refraining from artificial sweeteners etc.

Who should take the supplement Yourbiology

Any person having stomach issues or having a low immunity may take the supplement. The women are also benefited by taking this supplement as some ingredients of the supplement support the health of the vagina.

Yourbiology supplement stimulates the immunity power by better bowel movement and an improved digestive health.

People who are trying to lose weight may also take the benefits of the supplement. This probiotics supplement helps to burn belly fat. The microorganism has a good effect on the rate of metabolism, encouraging the body system to melt the fats rather than the glucose.

Ingredients of Yourbiology

Instructions for using the supplement Yourbiology

As per the instruction of the manufacturer you are to take one capsule after breakfast and one capsule after dinner. The capsules are not to be taken on an empty stomach. This may give rise to side effects.

For getting the results take the capsules daily and take care not to overdose. Overdosing may cause stomach issues, bloating and nausea

What are the benefits of taking Yourbiology

Improved digestion

The improved colonies of good bacteria improves gut health and the foods are properly digested. By this the nutrients of the food is possible to be absorbed fully. It leads to increased energy levels, enhanced concentration, weight loss and improved immune system.

Strengthened immune system

By regulating the immune response the probiotics help the body to eliminate infections and heal the wounds. So the people whose immunity is poor can take the help of the supplement for improving their immunity. It can also cure flu-like symptoms and other respiratory issues.

Enhanced energy levels

By assisting in the absorption of proper  nutrients from the ingested foods, the supplement provides more energy to the body. The people who are doing regular exercises may get the most benefit out of the supplement. The other effect of taking the supplement is an improved mood resulting in less burnout days, reduced anxiety and depressive mental conditions.

Improved skin health

The probiotics of the supplement balance the ph levels of the skin. It also saves the skin from the attacks of free radicals. You can get rid of problems such as acne, atopic dermatitis etc by taking the supplement regularly.

Free from allergens

The supplement is manufactured in such a way so that the products are free from soy, dairy, gluten etc. Also no preservatives are added to the supplement. Refrigeration of the supplement is not required.

Other pros

The supplement is manufactured in the USA. The products are GMP certified with 40 billion CFUs.

The journey of Yourbiology probiotics inside the body

  1. The user takes one capsule in the morning and one while going to bed. The manufacturer’s proprietary MAKtrek Bypass Technology helps the capsules to reach the small intestines safely through the hazardous environment of the stomach. After reaching the small intestines the good bacteria is released.
  2. After two weeks the user will start feeling the effects of the gut equipped with a well-balanced bacteria. The benefits that will start showing are good digestion, absence of bloating, improved skin health and an elevated mood.
  3. After one month of taking the supplement regularly the user will notice further improvements. The immune system will be enhanced causing less attack of flu like diseases, a regulated bowel movement, fat burning along with decrease in weight due to enhanced rate of metabolism, improved cognitive behavior such as less brain fog and improved focus and concentration.
  4. After three months and over the user will feel all the symptoms of good health and well-being. The digestive issues become a talk of the past, with highly improved digestion your mood also gets lifted and the weight shows a positive fall. 
  5. The supplement Yourbiology provides you with four potent living good bacteria delivering 40 billion CFU without causing any side effects. For the safe passage of the good bacteria past the hazardous environment of the stomach the supplement includes their patented ingredient called MAKtrek that is made via a biological process using brown seaweed. This patented ingredient protects the good bacteria from the harmful effects of the acids of the stomach.
  6. Even after reaching the good bacteria safely to the small intestines, the supplement starts taking care of the good bacteria by providing them with their food called prebiotic fiber. These prebiotics nourish the good bacteria or probiotics at the end of its long journey to the gut.

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How Yourbiology is different from the other probiotic supplements

Just swallowing tons of probiotics will not usher in the benefits unless we are able to make suitable conditions for the good bacteria to reach its destination ie. the small intestine safely and in live conditions. This is the crux of the supplements. Because in its journey to the small intestines, the probiotics have to pass through the hostile environment of the stomach which is very hot and full of stomach acids.

There is all the possibilities that the probiotics would get digested along its travel. This will cause more harm than good. The statistics show that 96% of ordinary probiotics fail to reach the small intestines. In that case the users would feel gas, low levels of energy, bloating and constipation.

The supplement made by Yourbiology contains the safe guard called MAKtrek which serves the role of protecting the probiotics from the acidic atmosphere of the stomach and reach the probiotics safely to the small intestines where the good bacteria are released for its beneficial roles of improving gut health.

The supplement also takes care of your skin health by including one ingredient called L-Paracasei. This ingredient has been clinically tested and found to safeguard the skin barrier thus making the skin look healthier and shiny.

Experts say that our gut produces 95% of the body’s serotonin which is a feel-good neurotransmitter. Probiotics by improving gut health also enhances the levels of serotonin. The result is relief from stress, a good vibe as well as boosting of the immune system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: why should I take probiotics?

Answer: if you are having problems with your stomach the probiotics supplement can offer you the following benefits:

  1. Improve gut health
  2. Improve immune system
  3. Reduce stress by enhancing the production of serotonin
  4. Assists in losing weight
  5. Gives you relief from IBS and stomach issues
  6. Reduce the symptoms of gas and bloating
  7. Improves bowel movements

Cons of Yourbiology

Expensive supplement

As the probiotic supplement needs to be taken regularly, spending an amount of $59.99 per bottle can be a difficult proposition for most people. Though it is true that for getting quality supplements one has to pay high, the question of affordability will surely dishearten many.

The response time is more

If you think of getting the response immediately after taking the pills, you may be disappointed. It may take at least two to three weeks for getting the improvements sought. You have to be patient and continue taking the supplement for two months to find any results.

Prices of Yourbiology

One month supply   $59.99

Two month + 1 free  $119.99

Three month + 2 free $179.99

Biotics 8

Biotics 8 is a probiotics supplement formulated by Bauer Nutrition. The supplement is specifically designed for men. By taking the supplement the men users would get rid of gas, bloated feeling along with improved gut health as well as digestion. By improving upon the immune system of the body Biotics 8 boosts energy and enhances focus and concentration.

Biotics 8 is the only probiotics supplement that guarantees results within a few days of taking the supplement on a regular basis. The ingredients of the supplement are all natural plant based substances. This also includes a number of vitamins for energy.

The product is manufactured in the USA. The company Bauer Nutrition claims that all of its ingredients are clinically tested and found to be very effective. These quality ingredients include vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics, fiber and a number of digestive enzymes. The synergic effect of the blend of potent ingredients is a healthy gut with an improved digestive power. 

The probiotics supplement is offered in the form of pills and the users are to take one pill daily.

Ingredients of Biotics 8

How the probiotics supplement Biotics 8 works

The supplement aims to cure the gut health improving the digestive power of the users. It also helps the body to combat the harmful effects of free radicals as well as inflammatory reactions. The pills of Biotics 8 are to be taken on empty stomach two capsules every day.

The potent ingredients are so selected that most of the ingredients also have antioxidant properties. With the growing age the humans start losing their digestive power resulting in a number of symptoms including the functions of nerves.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of its ingredients ensures fuller absorption of the nutrients from the diet and sees that the gut health remains stable. By regularly taking the supplement would rejuvenate the friendly bacteria colonies of the gut freeing from all types of inflammation caused due to the effect of bad bacteria. It is important for gut health to overpower the bad bacteria by enhancing the colonies of the good bacteria.

Biotics 8 contains an effective probiotics called Lactobacillus acidophilus that works to regulate cholesterol levels. The supplement strengthens the immune system, bone cells and even the cells of the heart.

Advantages of taking probiotics supplement Biotics 8

  1. You get improved gut health with a powerful digestive system. All sundry issues such as gas, bloating, colitis etc will become a story of the past
  2. It eliminates inflammation thereby removing all such conditions such as irritative bowel syndrome etc.
  3. The supplement also improves the immune system
  4. The benefits other than gut health are boosting the level of testosterone and an improved functioning of prostrate.

Who are supposed to take Biotics 8

People under the age of 18 years should not take the supplement. Also the supplement is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women. People with medical issues may please take the advice of their physicians before starting the supplement.

Side effects of Biotics 8

The supplement is generally very safe and has no side effects. As per the manufacturer of the supplement there are some very light types of side effects that may occur to some people. These are bloating feelings, diarrhea, disturbed bowel movement, and headache.

Normally the side effects disappear within a few days. If the symptoms persist you may discontinue the supplement and take further steps.

Prices of Biotics 8

The product can be purchased only at the official website of the company. This ensures that you get the right product of quality directly from the manufacturer.

Cost of one month supply        $59.99

Two month with one free         $119.99

Three months with 2 free         $179.99

The offers are with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

Pros of Biotics 8

  • The supplement is a powerful gut health enhancer containing many digestive enzymes, fibers, pre & probiotics and plant extracts
  • Helps absorbing all the nutrients from foods that we ingest
  • Improves immune system fighting with diseases
  • The ingredients are specifically formulated for the men and improves the testosterone levels
  • It also improve cognitive behaviors such as mood, concentration and focus
  • Increases drive and energy
  • The products do not require refrigeration
  • GMP certified
  • All natural organic ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Offers are with 60 day satisfaction guaranteed

Cons of Biotics 8

  • May not work satisfactorily for some individuals due to non-specific reasons
  • The supplement is oriented towards the use of men only
  • Available only at the company website
  • The supplement is not for the people who are suffering from chronic medical conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: what is the probiotics supplement Biotics 8?

Answer: the probiotic supplement Biotics 8 has been formulated specifically for men. This is considered as a high performing probiotics made from all natural ingredients. The primary aim of the probiotics is to improve the health of the gut. But it has many other additional benefits. The other benefits of taking Biotics 8 are enhancing immunity, increasing the testosterone level by stimulating more production of testosterone as well as enhancing cognitive performances.

Question: what is the response time of Biotics 8?

Answer: as the probiotic supplement is called a high performer probiotics, the supplement gives the first kick within 48 hours of taking the capsules. The first feeling will be to be more energetic. The immune system starts getting strengthened and you will be able to do intense training. But to get the full benefits of the supplement you have to take the capsules regularly for three months.

Question: does the supplement Biotics 8 have a money back risk free offer?

Answer: yes. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee for the products. If for any reason the user feels that the product does not satisfy him, he is in full liberty to request for the full refund. The request for refund has to be done within 30 days of the buying of the product. The company however requests the customers to use the product for three to four months before deciding to reject it. It is possible for the customers to reach the company through email.

Elm & Rye Probiotics

Elm & Rye Products is one of the latest entries in the world of fitness supplements. Within this short period of time the brand has become immensely popular and a very successful enterprise. While most of the supplements that we find on the market lack in quality, Elm & Rye products are marked due to its emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. 

The company is also very environmentally conscious and takes all the steps necessary to cater to the needs of a safe environment right from the procurement of the ingredients to the final products.

The quality control network of the company is astounding. The input materials for the product are strictly inspected for quality and have to pass through a third party testing process. The final products have to pass through the testing process by an independent laboratory that ensures the quality and purity of the final products. The transparency and customer oriented policy of the company is to be appreciated.

The Elm & Rye probiotics is the right choice for the people who want to live with an improved gut health along with reducing the stubborn fats. You get the benefit of weight loss too naturally due to improved metabolism and the fat burning properties of its ingredients.

Elm & Rye probiotics contain living microorganisms that are friendly to the gut. Our gut has millions of bacteria but not all the bacteria are friendly to the guts. Many bacteria are harmful too. But for a healthy gut the balance of the population is very much required.

When the bad bacteria overpopulate they take over the gut creating stomach issues which may be quite embarrassing. The elm & rye probiotics contains good bacteria and by taking the capsules regularly as per the instruction the population of the good bacteria is possible to be increased. This improves the gut health resulting in elimination of all digestive issues.

The product is one of the simplest ones with 100% transparency. The only ingredient of elm & rye probiotics is Lactobacillus acidophilus. This bacteria is most commonly found in the gut. Lactobacillus is responsible for producing lactic acid which is then broken down to lactase enzymes. This lactase then works in breaking down lactose to convert into lactic acid.

This most common bacteria can be found in foods such as yogurt, cheese and other fermented substances. You can have it directly from the supplement by simply taking their capsules as per instructions.

Advantages of taking Elm & Rye probiotics

  1. Weight loss
  2. Prevents unwanted diseases like flu etc.
  3. Cures irritable bowel symptoms
  4. Regulates the cholesterol levels
  5. Reduces the occurrences of diarrhea
  6. The women may get the benefit of reduced vagina infection

Who should take Elm & Rye Probiotics

The people below the age of 18 years should avoid taking the supplement. Also the pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised not to take the supplement. People with medical conditions may take the supplement after prior consultation with their physicians.

One tablet of the supplement is to be taken daily.

Ingredients of Elm & Rye Probiotics

  1. Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  2. Gelatin for the capsules
  3. Vegetable Magnesium Stearate
  4. Microcrystalline Cellulose

Benefits of taking Elm & Rye Probiotics

In general we fear the bacteria. But the fact is that our gut contains trillions of bacteria and these bacteria have a very important say on the health of the gut. The thing required for a good gut health is consolidation of the colonies of good bacteria so that these bacteria can overpower the bad bacteria.

Lactobacillus is one important bacteria that promotes gut health. The lactic acid which Lactobacillus produces has many good roles in the gut and they also fight the bad bacteria preventing their growth. Further Lactobacillus helps in keeping the lining of the intestine in good state.

The probiotics also improve the health of the skin and reduce inflammation.

Prices of Elm & Rye Probiotics

Single bottle costs  $44.99

Two bottles cost     $84.99

Four packs cost     $149.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: does the company facilitate sending their product internationally?

Answer: the company policy is only to send their products to the countries: the USA, canada and UK. For sending to the country other than the above countries the butters have to bear the cost of import duties of the respective countries.

Question: do the buyers have to pay for the delivery of the products?

Answer: for all the orders above $75 the shipping is free within the USA.

Question: will all the deliveries from the company need the signature of the order?

Answer: this is solely within the discretion of the carrier. The company Elm & Rye does not need any signature. The company does not hold any responsibility once the product is handed over to the carrier. So you have to take care to be personally present while the delivery of the products happens.

Question: is there any risk free option?

Answer: yes. The company has a 30 day money-back option. If any user is not satisfied with the product, he or she may request for the refund within a period of 30 days. The refund will be initiated by the company in full minus any shipping and duties.

Question: the supplement contains living microorganisms. How  will those living organisms survive through the heat during transportation?

Answer: the company claims that they have tested their products in environments having 100 degree F for a number of days. The result was encouraging and all the products were still viable. However after receiving the supplements you should store the products in conditions as prescribed in the instruction.

What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics

Our gut contains trillions of bacteria some of which are useful for our body and the gut. Prebiotics are the friendly bacteria that assists our gut to break down the food that we ingest. Probiotics also fight the harmful bacteria so that we have no stomach symptoms.

But even these probiotics need food for their survival and growth. Prebiotics are such foods on which the probiotics thrive. So the supplements that contain both prebiotics and probiotics will be of immense help for the gut health as the probiotics will be able to overpopulate suppressing the influence of the harmful bacteria to the minimum.

So probiotics are living organisms and are found in some foods and also in probiotics supplements. Whereas the body gets prebiotic substances from fibrous carbs that are not possible for humans to digest. Such fibers happen to be the food for the probiotics eating which the good bacteria grow.

Collectively the bacteria of the gut is called gut microbiota. Right balance of the good as well as the bad bacteria is needed to maintain the gut microbiota in a healthy state doing many benefits to the body.


Supplying prebiotics and probiotics from external sources is a new concept which is getting very popular response from the users. The results are encouraging and many main line practitioners are also prescribing such supplements for dealing with stomach related issues.

Due to its immense benefit in improving gut health, many manufacturers of fitness supplements have come on the market with their products with various prebiotics and probiotics. It is not easy to find the right one from the lot.

Our expert team have conducted a detailed research on the most popular products on the market and have come out with the best three products that are sure to give you benefits. We have given all the details of the products including the pros and cons so that the customers can select the right one for their individual requirements.

All the products are chosen with the men’s use in mind. In addition to improving the gut health, digestion and proper absorption of the nutrients from the ingested foods, the supplement also increases the testosterone levels and strengthens the immune system and prostate functioning.

The products are available in the form of capsules and tablets and easy to take. You are only required to take one or two capsules a day mostly on an empty stomach. As the ingredients are plant based natural substances there is no risk of any side effects.

You have to take the supplements for a prolonged period to get the full benefits. The supplements also assist in weight loss and burning of stubborn fats.


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