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Can Testosterone Booster Supplements Improve Beard Growth?


Beards are considered to be the symbol of manhood and lacking facial hair is very embarrassing for adolescents and the youths who get segregated among their friends. Hair is there all over the body and that is not a problem but the reason why for some males beards are scarce is really a puzzle.

Role of testosterone in the growth of beard

Testosterone is produced both by males and females. But it is produced in far more amounts in the male body and is considered predominantly a male hormone. Testosterone is responsible for all the male traits such as muscle growth, voice change, hair in the body, and of course facial hair which is absent in women’s bodies. Hence the onus shifts to testosterone for growing the beards.

But speaking scientifically this is not exactly so. In various studies, it was found that the testosterone levels of men having scanty facial hair have the same levels of testosterone hormone as those having bushy beards. But there is some point in saying that the testosterone hormone sends signals to the hair follicles for growth. Maybe, some kind of hair follicles cannot recognize the signals.

Genetics also comes into play in the beard growth

Now low levels of testosterone have associated symptoms:

  1. Erectile problems
  2. Muscle waste
  3. Infertility
  4. Coming out of breast tissues
  5. Others

So, if you are not experiencing the above issues testosterone supplements won’t help you in growing beards. The reason then lies elsewhere.

Genetics may be dictating the terms for you. So if you have scanty facial hair don’t blame yourself, rather blame your forefathers. And, in such cases, there is not much for the science to help until the genetic science is developed further coming out with a suitable solution.

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How then some supplements claim beard growth

It is true that the market is always apt to come out with some supplements for solving the raging demands of the growth of facial hairs among the youth males. They try to capitalize on the eagerness of adolescent males of growing beards for looking manly. But take it from me that most of these supplements do not have any scientific backing or credibility. 

But evidence does exist that shows that vitamin D has a direct influence on the hair follicles activating the dormant follicles. Other vitamins that help in strengthening hair as well as conditioning the hair are:

  1. Vitamin B12
  2. Biotin
  3. Niacin

So supplements containing vitamin C, vitamin B12, Biotin, Niacin, vitamin A, and vitamin D may help you grow a beard and strengthen it. It is claimed that with the supplementation of the above vitamins, it is possible to have thick and healthy hair.

Some natural tips for the growth of a beard

  1. Get rid of stress: hair loss and stress are closely related. Our day-to-day experience also confirms this. So try to remain calm and free from stress.
  2. Stick to a healthy diet: hair growth requires a supply of nutrients. By taking a balanced healthy diet you can provide the hairs their needed nutrients.
  3. Complete rest: all the cell repair activities are done during the time you sleep deeply. So give more attention to a sound sleep.
  4. Refrain from smoking: smoking causes many toxins to enter our system that also lead to loss of hair.
  5. Resort to proper skin care according to the type of skin you possess

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From the above discussions you find that the root cause of scanty facial hair is genetic and it is nothing to do with your manliness. But some natural means as described above may help in the growth of hair. Some supplements containing vitamins may also help.

But the best thing is not to bother about it as you know that you are quite manly till you have healthy testosterone levels.


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