How To Tighten Up Loose Skin After Weight Loss

How To Tighten Up Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Once you put up excess weight, it is really cumbersome to get rid of it. Even after achieving your targeted weight after resorting to some weight loss and dietary regime with patience, other issues crop up that are equally difficult to deal with. One such issue after weight loss is loose skin.

In weight loss the ideal thing is to lose weight gradually so that the skin simultaneously acclimatizes with the changing condition. Even then stretch marks may appear here and there because the body needs time to increase the production of collagen

But in most cases the weight loss aspirant finds significant loose skins that are difficult to hide causing a lot of embarrassments. Now the question which is to be dealt with is, is it possible to tighten up the loose skin?

Why the loose skin?

As we grow fat gradually the skin is also slowly tightened due to the bulging pressure of fat. But when we shed our weight burning the fat, skin loses its support base and becomes sagging.

The one glaring example of sagging skin can be seen after the delivery of the baby. The skin, being elastic, adjusts to the expanding belly. But sudden release of the load does not give it time to adjust to sagging skin.

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How our skin gets the support

The skin comprises two important proteins called collagen and elastin. Collagen is responsible for the firmness of the skin and covers 80% of the skin structure. It is of white color and gives the skin its strength and firmness.

Elastin is there to give elasticity to the skin. This also helps to keep the skin in tight form. This is of yellow color. So elasticity due to which the skin is able to accommodate expanding inside is given by the protein Elastin.

Factors influencing looseness of the skin

Not all people react in the similar fashion to skin expansion. There are many factors why we face loose skin more than others.

  1. Genetic cause. There may be some underlying genetic reason for the skin sagging and we can hardly do anything still now.
  2. Aging. As we age we lose skin elasticity. This is due to less production of collagen. That is why the senior people have to face more problems of skin loosening after weight loss compared to the younger ones.
  3. Extent of time passed with overweight or obesity. The more time you allow the skin in the expanded condition, the more the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. It is difficult to get back the older form of the skin.
  4. How much weight is lost? If the weight reduction is caused due to fat loss, then the skin sagging has got to be more. The more the weight loss the more the sagging.
  5. Sun exposure. Exposure to the sun is important for vitamin D, but excessive sun exposure has been linked with reduction of collagen and elastin. This may cause skin loosening.
  6. Smoking. Smoking is bad for the skin too. It decreases the collagen production and even damages the existing collagen of the skin. This results in drooping skin

Aftereffects of sagging and loose skin

There is no scope to take the loose and sagging skin lightly. It does cause many physical as well as emotional issues.

Decline in self-esteem

The people with loose skin often become self-conscious. This over alertness makes an uneasy feeling and the affected person is not able to interact with the other persons. It brings sadness and a depressed mood.

May reduce physical activities

The shame feeling due to sagging skin may obstruct people from going to the gym. This reduces the physical workouts raising the fear of return of the lost weight.

Uncomfortable feeling

The loose skin may cause a feeling of uncomfortableness obstructing the day-to-day work.

Natural remedies of loose skin

Resort to resistance training

By doing regular resistance training, it is possible to increase the muscle mass in place of the lost fat. Also the exercises bring back some elasticity to the skins.

Stay hydrated

Just by drinking enough water your body can be made to hydrate giving the skins a brighter look. A hydrated skin also increases the functions of the skin.

Intake of nutrients

Diet rich in specific nutrients can make collagen healthier. Some such diets are 

  1. Protein. Protein contains the amino acids called proline and lysine. These assist in the production of collagen. Also protein is good for muscle growth and skin health.
  2. Vitamin C. helps in the production of collagen and saves the skin from UV rays. Also vitamin C is an antioxidant eliminating free radicals.
  3. Omega3. This fatty acid has anti-aging properties. It enhances the skin sappleness.

Medicinal remedies of loose skin

  1. Taking collagen supplements have been reported to improve skin elasticity and smoothness. The supplement includes vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin and zinc.
  2. Some firming cream contains collagen and elastin. Such creams may temporarily give some improvements to the skin.
  3. Surgical interventions. Brachioplasty for arms, abdominoplasty for abdomen, medical thigh lift, body contouring surgery etc.
  4. Unconventional medical intervention. Treatment with radio-frequency, ultrasound,


Loose skin is a problem for many people. Some notice it after weight loss, some others find it on aging. The sagging skin is very disappointing for the club-minded people and may cause lowered mood and sadness.

In the article we have given some natural remedies which can  be tried. Medical interventions mentioned in the article have to be considered only on the advice of your eligible physicians. You should also ponder about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of each and every treatment.

As regards weight loss regimes take care to see that the weight loss is gradual. Have patience and bring a long term solution without any adverse after-effects. Gradual weight loss does not loosen your skin.

Adhere to the dietary suggestions given in the article which would sure to give results. Get ready for the challenge both in physical levels and in the mental levels while carrying out any skin tightening treatments and surgeries.

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