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Fast Weight Loss Pills in 2023 : Top 5 Diet Supplements Guaranteed To Work

Fast Weight Loss Pills in 2023

The world economy has faced a massive change resulting in big changes in lifestyle and food habits. Experts say that this is the probable reason for the weight gain and obesity among the population including the younger generation. Though weight loss is not the only solution for all the health issues, but for many health issues the doctors advice for losing weight.

But quick loss of weight is never sustainable and hence the experts say that weight loss must be accomplished in a gradual manner to hold on to the reduced weight for a long time. There are many tips available for weight loss. In this article we would speak about some weight loss pills that can help you to lose weight.

After extensive market research, we have selected the following fast weight loss pills of the year 2023:

  • PhenQ
  • PhenGold
  • PrimeShred
  • Capsiplex burn
  • Trimtone

1) PhenQ

PhenQ is a reputed weight loss pill on the market made from all natural ingredients.

PhenQ Review

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Advantages of PhenQ

  1. It boosts the metabolism
  2. Helps in appetite control
  3. Eliminates bloating and gas
  4. Helps in burning fats
  5. Increases drive and energy
  6. Eliminates toxins
  7. Works as an antioxidant
  8. No need to follow a strict dietary regime
  9. Improves mood gently

Ingredients of PhenQ

Prices of PhenQ

Cost of a single bottle                    Rs.2999.00

Cost of buy two get one free          Rs.5998.00

Cost of three bottle plus three free Rs.8997.00

Quality assurance

The PhenQ products are manufactured in facilities that are approved by FDA. The technical guidance is provided by GMP of the UK and USA. all the products have to be passed through a rigorous quality assurance program ensuring highest quality of ingredients as well as the product quality.


The company offers a 30 day money-back guarantee for the customers who are not satisfied with the product.

Methodology of working of Phenq

Phenq has been formulated with an aim to lose weight naturally without the need of strict dietary discipline. All the ingredients of the supplement are natural, having no harmful side effects.

The blending of the selected ingredients have been done with extreme caution and with scientific research. The plant based ingredients are also having thermogenic properties that help in boosting metabolism.

The supplement is a perfect scientific blend of 6 natural plant based ingredients. The formula became extremely popular in the USA and also in other European countries.

The ingredients of the supplement also suppress appetite, reducing the calorie intake naturally. The supplement can do wonders when supported by a healthy exercise routine.

It helps in a fast loss of weight while simultaneously increasing energy level. By consuming the pills regularly you can gain a better focus of mind, while still enjoying all your favorite dishes.

Therefore the five ways of losing weight by using PhenQ are:

  1. Speeding up the process of fat burning giving you a healthy and slim physique
  2. By stopping the further deposition of fat by stopping the fat production mechanism of the body naturally
  3. The ingredients are so designed as to suppress the appetite. This results in cutting the calorie intake and relieving you from hunger cravings.
  4. The supplement contains potent ingredients that help in boosting the energy and you need not worry about any dip in energy level caused by dieting
  5. The ingredients of the supplement have an effect on the brain, improving the mood and mental focus.

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2) PhenGold

Phengold is another very effective weight loss supplement. Its multi action formula is aimed to increase the body’s natural process of burning the excess fats and also boost the metabolism. 


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The working process of PhenGold

The ingredients are all natural plant based potent ones as we find going through the testimonials and the website of the supplement. The working of the supplement is as follows:

  1. The supplement will not ask you to restrict your favorite diet and fall prey to depression. The ingredients are so blended that the synergic effect of all the ingredients is to boost fat oxidation. It also causes lipolysis that helps you to shed weight quickly.
  2. By boosting the energy level it helps the body to expend more energy without the risk of fatigue. This enables you to concentrate more on hard workout increasing the intensity as well as duration of hard training.

Advantages of taking Phengold regularly

  • The supplement helps in faster burning of fat. This is due to the high caffeine content of the supplement. The thermogenic property of caffeine boosts oxidation of fat by 29%. Again the inclusion of green coffee in the supplement works in the prevention of accumulation of further fat thereby assisting in weight reduction.
  • The supplement ingredient such as capsaicin has the property of making you feel full. So you do not feel like taking any food reducing the calorie intake. Thus you can form a short time habit of restricting calorie intake that will gradually proceed to making a long term habit of taking a balanced diet.
  • Many ingredients of the supplement help in boosting the energy level. For example caffeine has a thermogenic effect that boosts the energy level. Vitamin B of the supplement helps you to fight fatigue, reducing the tired feeling that often runs you down.
  • The synergic effect of the ingredients vitamin B, L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine is to enhance the dopamine synthesis. The ingredients also have their effect on the other hormones such as serotonin and adrenaline. These are hormones responsible for cognitive behavior. Thus the supplement helps you to improve mood and concentration.

For whom is the supplement Phengold meant for

The supplement is designed for everyone who intends to shed some extra weight quickly without sacrificing the pleasure of enjoying their favorite dishes. But our considered advice for the people under the age of 18 years not to take the supplement and try other natural means of losing weight. Also people having any underlying medical condition should consult their doctors before starting the supplement.


  • Faster yet soothing long term weight loss
  • Supplement is meant for all people irrespective of age and gender
  • In addition to weight loss the supplement also improves mood, mental focus and concentration
  • Made by blending potent natural ingredients in perfect scientific proportion so as to get the maximum strength
  • No harmful side effects


  • Caffeine content is very high. People having problem with high caffeine may feel issues
  • The product can be bought only from the website of the product

Ingredients of Phengold

  • Green tea             500 mg
  • L-Tyrosine            300 mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea   250 mg
  • L-Theanine          250 mg
  • Caffeine               225 mg
  • Cayenne pepper  200 mg
  • DMAE Bitartrate   150 mg
  • Green coffee        100 mg
  • Vitamin B3              15 mg
  • Bioperine                  5 mg
  • Vitamin B6               1.3 mg
  • Vitamin B12             24 mcg

Prices of Phengold

One month supply                                   $59.99

Two month supply with one month free   $119.99

Three month supply + 2 month free          $179.99

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3) PrimeShred

Primeshred is manufactured by Health Nutrition. It is highlighted as a fat burner that helps the customers to lose weight fast. But the supplement is also quite effective in getting you lean muscles and a well-shaped physique.

The supplement achieves all these by the process of fast fat elimination and providing you with increased energy and improved mental focus and concentration.



How the weight loss supplement Primeshred work

  • The primary action of the supplement is boosting lipolysis. Lipolysis is the name of the natural bodily process of breaking down the fats and turn the fats into free fatty-acids or FFA and glycerol.
  • Next by boosting the rate of metabolism the supplement helps the body convert fats into energy. Thus instead of getting stored as fats in the body spoiling the shape, the fats become available as more energy for the body.
  • Finally the many ingredients of the supplement increase the energy and improve the concentration and mental focus. Equipped with all these the customers can devote fully into intense workouts for an extended time.
  • In the above three steps the supplement prepares the body for the hard workouts. Increased energy and improved mood motivates you further to exercise. The potent natural ingredients of the supplement are able to elevate the levels of different hormones having cognitive effects such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

Advantages of Primeshred

  1. The ingredients of the supplement such as green coffee, green tea along with caffeine synergically work to boost lipolysis. The rate of fat metabolism is increased resulting in faster weight loss. This weight loss occurs even without requiring a strict dietary regime or any change in lifestyle.
  2. The ingredients contained in the supplement also make it easier for the users to facilitate cutting. Particularly the Cayenne Pepper gives a feeling of fullness thereby eliminating hunger cravings naturally. The vitamin B3 of the supplement provides you with enhanced energy. This makes it possible for you to cope up with deficit calorie intake and the cutting phase is successful.
  3. The supplement contains another ingredient called Rhodiola Rosea root that enables intense workout by reducing tiredness and fatigue. L-Theanine gives you energy to do more workout to develop leaner muscles.

For whom does Primeshred meant for

The supplement has been formulated in such a way that it suits all people irrespective of age and gender. So anybody who wants to get a trimmed body with big lean muscles can use the supplement with full advantage.

It should be remembered that the supplement will help you provided you do hard training and resort to a healthy diet. However the supplement can promise you that by taking the pills regularly the cutting phase would be easier with enhanced results.


  • Both men as well as women can use the supplement
  • GMO free
  • No preservation and artificial color
  • Manufacturing facilities are FDA approved, GMP-certified
  • Powerful formula


  • Not many feedbacks from the customers
  • Caffeine content is high that may trouble sensitive people

Ingredients of Primeshred

  • Green tea extract                              500 mg
  • L-Tyrosine                                         300 mg
  • Rhodiola Rosea root                         250 mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous                         225 mg
  • Cayenne pepper                              200 mg
  • DMAE                                              150 mg
  • Green coffee                                    100 mg
  • Vitamin B3                                          15 mg
  • Bioperine                                              5 mg
  • Vitamin B6                                            1.3 mg
  • Vitamin B12                                         24 mcg


The weight loss supplement PrimeShred is made from all natural ingredients of plant base. The supplement is free from any side effects. But the only one point of concern is its high caffeine content.

The supplement contains as high as 225 mg of caffeine which is equivalent to almost two cups of coffee. In addition to this there is caffeine in 500 mg of green tea along with 100 mg of green coffee.

So the people having a low caffeine tolerance level may suffer from headache, insomnia, dizziness and muscle tremors. You should avoid further intake of tea and coffee or caffeinated drinks during the time you are on the supplement.

Price of PrimeShred

Single bottle                      $49.99

Two bottles + one free       $99.99

Three bottles + 2 free       $149.99


The company offers a 100 day money-back guarantee.

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4) Capsiplex Burn

Capsiplex Burn is another weight loss supplement that does its work by boosting the metabolism. The enhanced metabolism tends to regulate the process of fat burning. It also gives back the energy produced by burning the fat. Additionally the supplement contains ingredients that suppress the appetite relieving you from hunger craving.

How the supplement Capsiplex Burn works

Increasing insulin sensitivity

Experts point finger to the sugar blaming it as the biggest enemy causing gain in weight. Capsiplex Burn targets the sugar while maintaining a correct sugar level for weight loss. The supplement achieves this by including their proprietary ingredient called Innoslim.

This ingredient is the result of years of research in getting the right blend of two potent plant based natural products. These two natural ingredients are Astragalus Membranaceus and Panax notoginseng. The proprietary ingredient Innoslim is prepared through a special biological process combining the above two natural products.

Innoslim is able to signal the cells of the body responsible for using glucose for the production of energy. Thus your body gets more energy while reducing the glucose level to its required levels.

If we try to delve deeper into the technicalities of sugar burning it would seem to be fascinating. In reality Innoslim enhances the levels of Adiponectin which is responsible for sending the signal to release an enzyme known as AMP-K.

To be more simplistic, it can be understood in the following way. After we ingest sugar it gets transferred to the bloodstream. When left unused the glucose gets deposited as fats. Innoslim makes the cells of the body sensitive to insulin sending signals to burn more sugars into energy. It also triggers the body cells to burn more fats during intense workouts.

Providing more energy

As described above the ingredient Innoslim provides energy by burning the glucose and shedding extra fats. The supplement Capsiplex Burn also contains ingredients such as vitamin B3, B6, B12 etc that are well known energy boosters. In this way the supplement helps you to be energetic all throughout the day including the times of workout.

The supplement also includes another unique blend called capsimax. Capsimax is prepared by blending a few capsaicinoids. The capsaicinoids are thermogenic and provide more energy by burning the fats due to increase in body temperature. Hence the fats are burned and the energy mixes in the bloodstream.

Capsiplex Burn also has other two important ingredients L-Tyrosine and iodine. These ingredients stimulate our thyroid gland increasing the rate of metabolism. Enhanced metabolism means more fat burning and developing muscles after proper synthesis of proteins.

Reducing hunger cravings

The hunger cravings that we feel are due to a wrong signaling from the brain. The supplement Capsiplex has two ingredients chromium and capsimax which are capable of regulating the appetite, reducing your calorie intake naturally.

So with these two ingredients supplied through the capsules of the supplement would free you from all those nasty hunger pangs even after workouts.

Ingredients of Capsiplex Burn

  • Capsimax
  • Innoslim
  • Green tea
  • Green coffee
  • B vitamins
  • Iodine
  • Chromium
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Arginine
  • Black pepper

Pros of Capsiplex Burn

  • The supplement includes two very effective proprietary blends for fat burning
  • Enhances sensitivity of the body cells to insulin sensitivity melting more fats
  • Provides energy to the body after burning the fats through a natural process
  • Enhances energy level 
  • Reduces appetite and hunger cravings
  • The company offers 60-day money back guarantee

Cons of Capsiplex Burn

  • Best for shredding
  • May take 2 months for shedding muscle mass
  • The capsules are to be taken on empty stomach

Doses and instructions

  1. Take one capsule 30 minutes before workout on an empty stomach
  2. Take on intense hard training and get the benefits of burning the fats
  3. Use the capsule daily on workout days as well as on the rest days

Prices of Capsiplex Burn

One month supply        $64.99

Two month + 1 free      $129.99

Three month + 2 free   $194.99

4) Trimtone

Trimtone is a weight loss supplement that is formulated specifically for the use of women. The manufacturer of the supplement is the famed fitness supplement maker Health Nutrition. The supplement will help you lose fats naturally without disturbing your workout routine. 


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How does Trimtone supplement work

Burning even the stubborn fats

A person having a healthy metabolism has an in-built natural system of fat burning. But due to many external as well as internal reasons this healthy metabolism often gets disturbed. This natural fat burning system can be rectified by the use of some potent plant based natural ingredients as included in the supplement Trimtone.

The most important point to be noted here is that Trimtone assists in burning the fat and supplying the energy back to the bloodstream for the use of the body cells giving you more energy and drive.

Reducing hunger cravings naturally

Often the individuals who try to shed weight find dieting as an indomitable task. Trying to restrict the intake of your favorite dish is also very challenging and often causes depression. The supplement Trimtone has Glucomannan that is a famous natural appetite suppressor. With this you naturally feel full and avoid foods reducing the calorie intake naturally and spontaneously.

Pros of Trimtone

  • Simple formulation with only five ingredients
  • No artificial chemicals or fillers
  • You need to take simply one capsule daily
  • Facilities of manufacturing are approved by FDA and certified by GMP

Cons of Trimtone

  • Not very ideal for men
  • The product can be bought only at the official website of the company

Ingredients of Trimtone

  • Caffeine Anhydrous            120 mg
  • Green coffee                       100 mg 
  • Green tea                            100 mg
  • Glucomannan                      100 mg
  • Grains of paradise                 40 mg

Point of caution

The supplement contains a nominal amount of caffeine. But still together with 100 mg of green coffee and another 100 mg of green tea the caffeine intake is quite higher than normal. Therefore persons sensitive to caffeine may feel some physical symptoms such as insomnia, gas, dizziness etc. such people may please avoid further intake of caffeine through caffeinated drinks.

Weight loss supplements like Trimtone are meant for healthy adults. Persons below the age of 18 years and persons having any medical issues should consult their doctor before starting the supplement.

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Getting a trimmed slim body with lean big muscles is the dream of every young man and woman. It is true that there is a difference in the construction of men and women. But nevertheless the women today also want a beautiful slim body with strength and energy befitting to the men.

There are many ways to shed weight. Most such regimes ask you to resort to hard strenuous training and restricted dieting. But all such difficult means of getting rid of the extra weight often lead the aspirants to depression and dismay. In order to tackle such issues, weight loss supplements have come up. 

Such weight loss supplements are made from all natural ingredients and hence there is no risk of any side effects. But most of these weight loss supplements use huge amounts of caffeine which may be problematic for some people. Such people must avoid further caffeinated drinks during the intake of the supplement.

For the women the women-specific supplement Trimtone may be the ideal choice. The supplement is quite soft on caffeine. Also the ingredients are specifically oriented to the needs of the women.

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