Top Benefits Of Vibration Plate In 2023

Top Benefits Of Vibration Plate

Science is all-pervading. In whichever direction it attempts to discover the natural truths, certain beneficial things come out for the good of the humans. Such is the discovery of the vibration plates that has come out to be of tremendous benefit for the people desirous of getting away from the excessive fats.

The method of vibration as a tool of reducing extra fats of the body was first tried for the astronauts for whom it became necessary for preventing the alarming decline in their muscle mass as well as bone density. This discovery for the health of the astronauts later came into use for  masses who wanted to shed extra fats. This has come out as an alternative to the conventional modes of exercises and other types of physical workouts.

Vibration plate is a whole body vibration treatment that is to be given by creating vibration driven by a motor. The aspirant needs to stand on the whole-body vibrating plate when the created vibration will be transmitted to the whole body as sinusoidal waves.

The amount of benefits will depend on the technical parameters such as frequency & amplitude of the vibration and its duration. 

About the vibration plate

This is a form of exercise that uses a vibrating plate for sending sound waves which result from a particular vertical vibration. Things that are to be considered for deciding the specific requirement of an individual are amplitude and frequency. These two parameters are decided based on the unique characteristics of the individual. This is the job of the experts who will be able to demonstrate the ways of decking these important parameters of the required vibration for the user.

The other advantages of using the whole-body vibration therapy are:

  1. Body strengthening exercises
  2. Rowing exercises
  3. Squat exercises
  4. Shoulder exercises
  5. Front lunge exercises

The working of the vibration plate

The vibration plates are scientifically designed to produce and transmit oscillation and transfer the same head-to-foot of the user who is to stand on the vibrating plate. Such vibration is able to trigger the nitric oxide secretion of the body which gets transferred to the bloodstream. In this way it serves the purpose of an alternative way of remedying fibromyalgia as well as chronic-fatigue-syndrome.

There are two systems of vibration plates for the sake of delivering the oscillation to the whole body:

  1. One type of vibration plate that oscillates up and down with a perfect uniformity
  2. The other type transmits oscillation causing reciprocating displacements in a vertical direction. This vibration causes displacements on the both sides of a fulcrum.

Vibration Therapies

The vibration therapies are of two types

  1. Localized vibration therapy
  2. Whole-body vibration therapy

In the localized vibration therapy, local muscles are targeted for the transmission of the oscillation. It comprises a portable vibration machine that costs less and is economically viable for the users. The advantages of localized vibration therapy are:

  • Improved strength of the muscles
  • Muscle tissue activation
  • Increased ranges of motion
  • More power of the muscles

In whole-body vibration therapy is manufactured in such a way that such machines do not target the local muscles. These vibration plates transmit oscillation to the whole body. Some disadvantages of the whole-body vibration plates are

  1. As the created oscillation by the vibration plate has to travel to the far off muscles, the effects of such vibration diminishes by the time it reaches the muscles. 
  2. Owing to the reciprocal-inhibition mechanism there arises muscle contractions known as agonistic and antagonistic contractions.

Advantages of vibration plates

Quicker and better recovery of the torn muscles after workout

In the whole-body vibration therapy the transmitted oscillation causes the muscles to both contract and relax at a predetermined frequency. This results in an altered skeletal-muscle-architecture. The involuntary muscles are also targeted and the stretch-reflex-contraction that is stimulated by the oscillation leads to synchronization of the muscles. It is possible to use the whole-body vibration therapy in addition to the conventional workout sessions in order to quicken the recovery time.

Increase in muscle strength

As people age, many body functions suffer a setback. The most important among these are their physical activities as well as their musculoskeletal health. The other ill effects of aging are

  1. Decile in isometric-voluntary-muscle-contraction 
  2. Performance of the muscles
  3. Body balancing
  4. Overall coordination of the body

We all know that when we do intensive resistance training we tend to increase the strength of the muscles and its mass. When these resistance training are combined with the vibration therapy the result is enormous. It raises the muscle contraction force while not contributing to muscle hypertrophy.

The whole body vibration therapy also improves the body balancing and its mobility. It also contributes to tonic-vibration-reflex. The results of this are an increase in the growth of the muscles, bigger muscle mass and improved muscle functioning.

The vibration therapy also results in a direct response from the endocrine. This causes a decline in the stress hormone cortisol. So your cognitive functions improve.

It boosts Testosterone and human growth hormone production are also increased.

The vibration therapy when conducted along with conventional resistance training gives you much bigger muscle mass in comparison to sticking to the resistance training singularly.

Loss of bone density is reduced

The vibration therapy is also linked to an increase in bone density. The oscillation stimulated the bone by enhancing the blood flow to the various bone structures thereby increasing the nutrients flow to the bones. 

The oscillation caused by the vibration therapy reduces the formation of osteoclasts by differentiating the new cells of the bones. This helps in reducing the loss of bone enhancing its physical functioning.

The vibration therapy thus directly improves the mineral density of the bones as well as its calcium metabolism.

Secures an improved balance

Problem of body balance is often found among the elderly persons. For an improved muscle functioning it is required to have a better neuromuscular excitability. By improving this the vibration therapy helps in improving the balance and saves the people from falling. In this way the whole-body vibration therapy initiated by the use of vibration plates gives the following advantages:

  1. Higher postural control
  2. Improved body balance
  3. Improved gait 

Reduction in muscle soreness

After hard training or due to some physical activities with which the body is not familiar, causes delayed onslaught of muscle soreness which can be disabling. This type of muscle soreness may occur after three days of this happening. 

Clinical studies conducted to find the effects of the vibration therapy on the muscle soreness revealed that the vibration therapy is quite good in enhancing the power of the muscles as well as its flexibility. It thus helps in decreasing the muscle soreness and the feeling of tightness of muscles. The therapy by enhancing the blood flow to the muscles also enriches the muscles with more oxygen. 

Fast weight-loss

The overweight and obese people will be greatly benefitted by the vibration therapy. The transmitted oscillation created by the vibration therapy helps in melting the unwanted fat mass. This quickly gets reflected in the weight loss.

The conventional ways to reduce weight are a healthy balanced diet along with targeted workout training. The whole body vibration therapy helps in reducing weight by providing more oxygen, expending more energy and an increase in the oxidation of fat.

So when the user takes the vibration therapy along with a regimented weight loss training the outcome will be several times more reduction in weight. So the advantages are

  1. Higher physical fitness
  2. Higher loss in weight
  3. More fat-burning
  4. Quick loss of weight

Enhanced immune system

Whole body vibration therapy increases the immunity of the users. The improved immune cistern is caused by the vibration therapy because of the following reasons

  1. Increase in blood circulation to the limbs
  2. Reduction in disabling chronic pain
  3. Enhanced power of the muscles
  4. Increased bone density
  5. Improved microbiota

Reduced blood pressure

The beauty of the whole body vibration therapy is that with the increase in heart rate due to the oscillation the oxygen uptake also increases. These two ie. increased metabolic rate and the increased oxygen uptake occurs in a coherent manner.

This causes a decline in the diastolic BP. This is accelerated by the vasodilation of the arteries and increase in the flow of the blood. 

Who should not use vibration plate

People who are diagnosed with diabetes, neuropathy and ulceration should not use vibration therapy as the worsening of the conditions may remain undetected.

People with aneurysms should not practice vibration therapy for the risk of rupture.

People who are subjected to a recent venous thrombosis must avoid taking vibration therapy due to risk of pulmonary embolism.

People with recent bone fracture also should not do vibration therapy for the risk of further aggravation of the cracks.

Other persons who should avoid vibration therapy are pregnant women, with surgery of the abdomen, with metal implants in the cases of hip or knee replacement surgeries etc.

People having tumors, vertebral disc issues, spine issues etc should avoid vibration therapy.

Vibration plate workouts



Heel lift


Front raise

Biceps curl

Tricep dip

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